Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing
Ke-Yu Chen, Shwetak Patel, Sean Keller, In Proceedings of ACM CHI 2016
With the resurgence of head-mounted displays for virtual reality, users need new input devices that can accurately track their hands and fingers in motion. Finexus is a multipoint tracking system using magnetic field sensing for such a purpose. By instrumenting the fingertips with electromagnets, the system is able to track fine fingertip movements in real time using only four magnetometers. To keep the system robust to noise, we operate each electromagnet at a different frequency and leverage bandpass filters in order to distinguish signals attributed to individual sensing points for localization. We develop a novel algorithm to efficiently calculate multiple electromagnets’ 3D positions from corresponding field strengths.
PDFDemo | Honorable Mention (top 4%) | News press: MIT Technology Review (12/22/2015) Engadget (12/22/2015)