DOSE: Detecting User-driven Operating States of Electronic Devices From a Single Sensing Point
Ke-Yu Chen, Sidhant Gupta, Eric Larson, Shwetak N. Patel, In Proceedings of IEEE PerCom 2015
Electricity and appliance usage information can often reveal the nature of human activities in a home. DOSE is a single-sensing-point solution for inferring how individuals use their home electronic appliances. When an electronic device is in operation, it generates time-varying Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) based upon its operating states (e.g., vacuuming on a rug vs. hardwood floor). This EMI noise is coupled to the powerline and can be picked up from a single sensing hardware attached to the wall outlet in a house. Unlike prior data-driven approaches, we employ domain knowledge of the device’s circuitry for semi-supervised model training to avoid tedious labeling process. These fine-grained electrical characteristics affords rich feature sets of electrical events and have the potential to support various applications such as in-home activity inference, energy disaggregation and device failure detection.